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Matters of the Heart


During the last couple of weeks, studying for my hospital’s mandatory EKG rhythm interpretation course made me very glad I bought this book, and worked my way through it. In combination with the course, taught by a cath lab RN/heart addict (“wallpaper with a Torsades border would be so pretty!“), which actually uses this book, I’m stumbling toward a better understanding of WHY those wiggly lines get weird when the heart’s electrical system gets FUNKY. So, aspiring nursing students, tele techs and panicking new grads, get shopping!


Cardiac dysrhythmia EKG Venn Diagram Fun

Well, it’s official, I have no life.  I even have the T-shirt for it (actually, I was so darn strung out from lack of sleep I accidentally ordered two.  Yay!  Clean clothes!)


I have a hard time wrapping my pea brain around cardiac dysrhythmias.  I can spot the pretty pictures easily, thanks to some time served as a tele tech and Skill-Stat, but the RN-type stuff – knowing causes, interventions just doesn’t go in sometimes unless I make a picture.  

So, here are my study aids for anyone on the interwebs to enjoy!

A-Fib vs. A-FlutterImage

First Degree Heart Block vs. Third Degree Heart Block



And, just in time for Valentine’s Day – V-Fib vs. V-Tach: