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Son of disorderlyCNA

Couldn’t be prouder!  My boy has decided to follow in Momma’s footsteps (clogsteps?) and get his CNA license.  

His rationale is that since he needs to perform around 1,000 patient contact clinical hours to apply to medical school, might as well really help some folks and get paid to do so.  Additionally, he told me that being a CNA ought to give him some street cred with the nurses once he’s all growed up and a real doc, so they can save his ass.  Smart kid. . .I wonder who raised him?

He’s going to the voc school where I got my CNA-2 certification. . .will be good for him, I think.  I know he looks about 300% better in my Cherokee scrubs (can’t wear them for work, wrong color) than I ever did.  

Apparently every student at orientation had at least one tattoo.  Is this a prerequisite?

Hopefully he can catch on in a PRN position somewhere close to where he goes to school so he can add this experience to his adult journeys.