Me! Me! Me! (About Me)

I am an acute-care RN in a Level-2 Regional Hospital/Trauma Center (by NOC) and a professional loafer, amateur gardener and pretty darn good cook (when I actually do so) by day.  In a former life, I was a full-time nursing student and also a CNA in a large medical-surgical-trauma ICU, suctioning oral mucous, calming the combative without getting slugged or spat upon, and acquiring the unique (although not often called-upon) talent of being able to tell a patient is taking Lactulose simply by the smell of their stool.  Not exactly a party trick, but hey, it is a talent!)

Why do I write this blog?  Well, for nearly the first two years of its existence, I would have said it was to provide insights and amusing little stories about the life of a nursing student and CNA.  Readers stayed away in droves!  While writing was a nice outlet, I couldn’t find a blogging voice, and from time to time, I found other things to do.  When folding laundry sounds more appealing than writing, well, I don’t know what that says.

Since I have actually done more recently in the kitchen than just make coffee and reheat take-out Chinese food, I enjoy sharing pictures and recipes of favorites.  However, I think it’s also fun to add a little commentary to ingredient lists and procedures (a bit like the run-on commentary in my head as I cook and work).  It ain’t Sunset Magazine, but it is from the heart (awwwwwww…..) and I only share recipes that are amazingly easy, a resounding success, and, if they generate leftovers, said leftovers actually get consumed within the recommended 72 hours of preparation.  I think food is awesome, but so is the calming, creative process of making something yummy.  It better not take all day, though, I’ve got Facebooking to do!

The comments on this blog represent my personal opinion, and in no way are to be construed as medical or culinary dogma, nursing theory or facility policy.

If you think you recognize yourself, any of your friends, relatives or even people you can’t stand as patients/residents in this blog, y’all are smokin’ crack, cause HIPAA is to be respected and feared, and gangsta as I am, I ain’t about to mess with him/her.  (Does HIPAA have a gender?) The ages, names, gender(s), time frames and other pertinent personally identifying information have been FUBAR‘ed into unrecognizability. However, I just don’t write about work because I figure, first of all, IT’S WORK, and second of all, who wants to hear about that?  (Unless it’s preceded by a yummy recipe.)



3 thoughts on “Me! Me! Me! (About Me)

  1. Hello,

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    If you have any questions, please let me know – I’m happy to help!


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