Nursing Students – Alternate Item Format Got You Down? I Recommend. . .

Strategies for Alternate Item Formats on the NCLEX-RN Exam, by Silvestri and Mojica (ISBN-13: 9781416038412) is the best resource I have found for tackling the dreaded SATA (select all that apply).  You know’em, and you hate’em.  I have never encountered one nursing student (or a nurse, for that matter) who LIKES these types of questions.

And, guess what?  They don’t end with nursing school and the NCLEX.  No siree. . .turns out RN-BSN programs love’em too.  Yay.

So, I present to you a link for purchasing this resource, dirt-cheap at Bookbyte.  Unfortunately pour moi, I am paid nothing for selling their stuff, but frankly, the warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart that will come from knowing that someone listened to me, took my advice, and had a less hellish time in school/NCLEX/RN-BSN program will be enough.  (Yes, I am being unduly dramatic.  And, guess what?  I don’t care.)  Because I bought this book as an impulse buy (much healthier than my usual gazillion-calorie latte as an I-love-me indulgence).  I loved it.

My hilarious classmate (loved the way he would say, during study sessions in the library – “Damn you, (insert nursing instructor’s name here) I hate your questions!  This is shit!” (imagine Russian accent) at the top of his lungs – well, he loved this book too.  Another classmate who failed NCLEX the first time around and then slayed it – partially, she said, due to this book – loved it.  Now the book lives on, humbly serving this year’s second-year nursing students who suffer after us.  I’m sure it will continue to be passed on.  You need this book, nursling.

If you don’t heed my advice?  I’d better not catch you complaining about SATA questions (except to say that, darnit, there were not NEARLY enough SATA questions for me when I took the NCLEX).  Said no nursing student, ever.




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