It’s Monday in My World, and that Means Soup. . .

Once again, I work tonight.  Can I sleep? Nope.  So, I thought I’d whip up a batch of my favorite workweek survival soup, Zuppa Toscana.

This Olive Garden knock-off recipe, courtesy of blogger The Girl Who Ate Everything, is absolutely yum-tastic and is just as good (if not better) a few days later zapped in the microwave as it is freshly born.  So, enjoy, and don’t hold back on the kale (unless you’re taking warfarin/have an artificial heart valve – basically the same thing, right?).

Cook’s Notes:

Sausage – Jimmy Dean regular is perfectly fine.  Nothing fancy needed.

Red Peppers – Don’t buy a jar if you’re never going to use it.  Just save those packets that come with your pizza!  (Or remember to swipe them from the hospital cafeteria like I do.  Sucks, though, when you reach in your pocket for an alcohol wipe and all you can find is these.  Oopsie!) Two will do it for this recipe.

Kale – two kale leaves is about right, chopped finely (stemmy inside parts removed – yuk!).  Let the soup “cook” the kale so that it softens and has a chance to swap flavors.

*Kale, by the way, is the queen of the winter garden – its flavor only improves with frost!

Hate measuring?  Buy one box broth (4 cups) and add one can broth.  Close enough.

Bacon – be lazy.  Chop the six pieces, then microwave between towels on a plate (6-9 minutes depending on your zapper) until crispy – and ta da! already crumbled bacon.  Crumbling bacon is for people who have time (not me).

Be sure to put the potato peelings, onion leavin’s and kale stems in the composter.  Saving the planet, the lazy way!


Recipe Link



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