Personality – as Perceived by Self and Others


Urgh, I just can’t eat anything else made of pumpkin, and I think my skin is turning orange (yes, this can be achieved without the use of certain self-tanning lotions).  So, time to turn to my studies, which I neglected shockingly over the last week.

As part of my RN-BSN curriculum, I participated in an activity designed to help me compare my perception of my personality traits (known, I think) with the manner in which I am perceived by others (unknown).  Hence, the entrance of the Johari Window into my existence.

So, should you wish to construct your own Johari Window and seek input from those you know to find out how you are perceived, here is a link to a build-it-yourself, invite your friends (and frenemies, for that matter) to assess your personality(ies):  Interactive Johari Window



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