One Can of Pumpkin, Three Possibilities

So, in rummaging through the pantry (actually, I’m giving it airs, it’s a kitchen bookcase, garden-variety cupboards and a plastic tub that holds up my recycling bin.  Sorry to shatter your image of my kitchen) I discovered a can of pumpkin puree.  Hmmm, I thought, what can haz the internets have in the way of a recipe or three to help me increase my beta-carotene intake?  To follow are today’s attempts, notes and links to said recipes.

#1 on the Husband of DisorderlyCNA list – Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan Muffins


The other half likes to heat one of these up with butter and raspberry preserves (clearly he is a genius, and not just for marrying me).  I suppose you could use raisins if you didn’t have cranberries on hand.  Recipe Link

#2 Pumpkin-Bacon Baked Mac’N’Cheese


Dear Heart looked at me suspiciously when presented with this (ahem) three-cheese pasta dish.  I maaaaay have stretched the truth a bit in that the three cheeses are parmesan, pumpkin and egg yolks.  Probably going to hell for this, but whatever, it’s healthier than the normal version featuring two cups of cheese.  It’s tasty and would be even healthier made with whole-wheat macaroni.  Recipe Link

#3 Pumpkin Soup


“I HOPE YOU’RE OUT OF PUMPKIN!!!!” (It is possible I carried things a bit far with this gourd craze today.)  I thought this was yummy and filling while being easy to make.  Do not omit the sweetener, it makes all the difference.  I laid on the ginger a bit harder than the recipe specifies, and added black pepper.  In keeping with my “damned if I’m leaving the house on my day off theme,” I didn’t have any dry white whine (haha) so I used some very fine screw-top-bottle sherry instead (a spirit that gets along well with onion and cream in creamed onions).  Seemed tasty even so.  The soup is garnished with parmesan in the photo above.  Recipe Link

So, dear readers, enjoy these tummy-warming fall recipes!


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