Prospective Nursing Students – Some Articles of Interest

Nursing shortage?
Nursing shortage?

My baseline personality type is Golden Retriever/Optimist, so please keep that in mind when referencing the articles linked below.  But gosh-darn-it, I’m pretty grateful to have my acute care new grad position; not all graduates, particularly on the West Coast, are so fortunate (I hesitate to use the word lucky as I worked full-time as a hospital CNA and bypassed things like sleep, family, exercise and gardening to survive nursing school and get my proverbial foot in the proverbial door).

New graduates need to be aware that the nursing shortage doesn’t necessarily equate to a shortage of new graduate nurses, but rather experienced nurses, particularly those with a sexy specialty, such as OR, ICU, ED, L&D, etc.  New graduates are expensive to train. . .I estimate about $20,000-$50,000 per nurse (considering the new nurses compensation/benefits during the orientation period, compensation/benefits cost for preceptors, whether the hospital offers an RN residency program, hospital-based training classes, educator cost, etc. etc.).  *Note:  I have done zero research about this cost. . .just a good educated guess on my part.  Maybe it costs less, maybe more. . .your comments/references are welcome.

So, with that in mind, please read each and every one of the attached articles, prospective nursing students.  These are not meant to discourage you, just to allow you to enter into this adventure with your eyes open and living/lifestyle costs calculated, particularly if you are contemplating leaving an established, successful, remunerative career for nursing.  Obtaining a position is not automatic, no matter what your school’s recruiters tell you! It’s not that the schools are being dishonest, it’s just that they themselves are not actively looking for new grad RN positions, and they may not be surveying their graduates 4-6 months after graduation to find out what sort of nursing employment has been obtained.

Recalculating: The “Nursing Shortage” Needs New Direction

In Debt and Misled: New Graduate Voices on the “Nursing Shortage” (I wonder to what extent for-profit nursing schools and the push for the BSN play into this?)

Realities of the Current Job Market (What you, the nursing student and soon-to-be new grad can do to enhance your employment prospects. Like, be a CNA!)

Lastly, I recommend looking at the National Student Nurses Association website, which has information for current and prospective nursing students.

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer, but I encountered these article links at the end of the new grad RN survey sent to me by NSNA, and I thought they were relevant.


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