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Start the countdown. . .

I was going to write some awesome posts about ICU beauty tips (the BEST way to get dried blood out of hair, for example) but weirdly combining summer/post-school/post-NCLEX meh with job-seeker anxiety has served to completely eliminate my blogging drive (kind of like overdoing the oxygen flow on a COPD-er – over time that minimizes the respiratory drive).

So, after all but giving up hope of an RN position where I currently work (the only interview I had was for the OR – some of my nurse coworkers flat out laughed at the thought of me in the OR because I LOVE patient interaction, hate to stand still, and almost never shut up) and that didn’t really go anywhere.  But when the hospital made a last minute decision to hire more new grad RN’s, a classmate did me a solid and gave my name to her manager.  4.5 days later, I had a job offer.

This is good, because I was contemplating keeping my CNA job for the health insurance and internal applicant status for future new grad opportunities later this year or early next, and combining it with an RN position somewhere else so I could start acquiring experience, all while starting work on the RN-BSN. (Stress!  Stress! Stress!) I was listening pretty hard to all the current wisdom that says “you don’t want to be an inexperienced “old” new grad!” Combine that with the spouse saying “Hon, you’ve really been through the wringer this last two years, it’s OK if you just take it easy for a bit.  You’re wonderful and some place will see that and hire you.  Please, here is some chocolate, now stop freaking out!” and you’ve got the recipe for a somewhat schizophrenic outlook (“I’m OK, I’m OK, I’m Ok!  No, I’m not OK!  I’m OK! No, I’m pretty sure I’m not OK!“).

So, now I have just four shifts left to go as a CNA.  I’ve ordered my new scrubs in the appropriate nursey colors (PS:  I love Koi Warehouse – they sometimes blow out separates for under $10 each!  They are awesome, check them out if you wear Koi.)  My oldies (but goodies) have new homes waiting (I hate waste!) and I’m completely (well, mostly) excited but also more than a bit terrified about how I’ll do in the new job.  One of my coworkers said it took a year before he felt like he wasn’t really in danger of killing anyone!  Help!

I’m bringing treats to celebrate my coworkers (Cookies for breakfast?  Why not?) and celebrate that things worked out after all.  They were all pulling for me, RNs and CNAs alike. Because they are filled with so, so much awesome.  And I’m so glad I get to keep coming to work at the same facility, still on night shift, so I won’t lose touch with them.  They are my work family.  

So, wish me luck!  In the mean time, I’ll figure out what my next blogging adventure comes next.  I might just bequeath this blog to my son (Son of DisorderlyCNA) as he enters into his own CNA adventures!


NCLEX-RN Thoughts. . .

Sat through this little fun event this afternoon in a room that smelled of feet and nervousness.  

Had some fun with the nice check-in staff – when advised I needed to read the exam instructions, I responded with “Read??? Read???? No one at school told me I needed to be able to read to take this test!!!!!”, checking to see if I had both index fingers (result of assessment – positive for bilateral index finger presence), and in general being a total dork.  Fortunately they just laughed at me, and didn’t kick me out of the testing center. For Satan’s minions, Pearson-Vue’s folks are really nice!

I then sat down at the spartan cubicle with my official NCSBN-approved foam earplugs (2, yellow), my dry-erase board and a pen that I’m sure was voted “least likely to become a self-injuring weapon” and got to work for the next 1:10.  For me, this of course includes healthy portions of sarcastic self-talk (excerpt follows):

“Really, NCLEX?  Another *SATA?”

“Awww. . .dang you, NCLEX!!”

“Another SATA??? WTH!!! Arrrggghhhh!!!”

“I’ve NEVER seen this condition before?  WTH!!!”

“Hey, where’s the math questions????  Waaaahhh!!!”

More SATA????”

“Crack baby!!”

(Anyway, you get the idea.)  

Glad that’s over. . .now back to my regularly scheduled summer, and more weighty projects, such as getting the cat to eat from his robo-dish so the dog won’t blow her diet and eat all his food.  First-world pet problems, that’s right!

(*SATA – select all that apply – everyone’s favorite!)