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HESI RN Exit Exam Musings

Hello, faithful readers!

I’m pretty relieved. . .passed the HESI Exit RN Exam with a score of 1091.  Since I only needed 900 to get the 10% of my grade for this term that was my goal, I’m quite happy.

You know what makes me even more happy?  Validation that my affordable 2-year ADN community college nursing program, and 2-year ADN programs nationwide, must do a pretty good job of teaching us not only the content we need to know, but also critical thinking skills needed to answer these damned questions.  According to my test feedback from the nice folks in HESI-Land, the average HESI exit score for students in the last 364 days for BSN students was 846, LOWER than the average for ADN students (847).  Okay, just one point difference, but that is my point. . .ADN nurses are as well-prepared to become brand-new, wet-behind-the-earns new grad nurses as those with the vaunted BSN.  (Interestingly, the average for diploma RN students was 852.  I wonder where one would find a diploma program these days – perhaps not on the West Coast?)

Well, whatever, I’m pretty happy, and glad that I’ve paid attention in class and read my books these last two years.  I also must give props to the supplemental preparation method I used (cheap at $25), the

Evolve Resources for HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 3rd Edition.

While the questions on this internet-browser based resource tended to severely damage my self-esteem, they were useful for diagnosing my weak points (like knowing about glaucoma and a bunch of medications that I never saw in clinical or coursework, and, of course, as always maternity nursing.  I suck at that.) and made me a stronger test-taker.

So, if you are facing the HESI-RN or HESI-PN exit exams, I recommend Elsevier’s resources.  No, they don’t pay me a damned thing, but I still think these resources are bomb.


R.E.M. Daysleeper

Quit waking us up during the day!

Lyrics, so you can sing along in a grumpy, resentful, sleep-deprived fashion with the rest of us vampires who work nights:

Receiving dept. 3 a.m.
Staff cuts have socked up the overage
Directives are posted.
No callbacks complaints.
Everywhere is calm.
Hong Kong is present
Taipei awakes

All talk of circadian rhythm
I see today with a newsprint fray
My night is colored headache gray

The bull and the bear are marking
Their territories
They’re leading the blind with
Their international glories
I’m the screen the blinding light
I’m the screen, I work at night.
I see today with a newsprint fray
My night is colored headache gray
Don’t wake me with so much.

I cried the other night
I can’t even say why
Fluorescent flat caffeine lights
Its furious balancing
I’m the screen, the blinding light
I’m the screen, I work at night
I see today

Don’t wake me with so much. the
Ocean machine is set to nine
I’ll squeeze into heaven and valentine
My bed is pulling me.

Daysleeper, daysleeper.
Daysleeper, daysleeper, daysleeper