Time to Drop a Few. . .

Somehow, I’ve let myself tip the scales at > 250 lb.  Life happens. . .nursing school + working night shift = stress+boredom eating.  I can rationalize anything!  Oh, it’s Pi day (March 14, 3.14) – I’d better have some pie to celebrate.  I’ve been a good girl . . .time to have a venti machiatto coffee to celebrate me.  Unfortunately, there’s a bit too much of me to celebrate now, and I’m worried about immediate and down-the-line health consequences.

My “numbers” aren’t too bad right now. . .blood glucose in the mid-normal range, cholesterol numbers could use some work but I need some 12-hour fasting data (going to biometric screening after night shift when one has had both dinner and “lunch” probably skews the data).  The weight is too high, and the fact that my blood pressure readings immediately after a shift has systolic or diastolic (or both) consistently in the pre-hypertensive or hypertensive range is not a promising sign.

Yes, I take care of folks with CVA’s, folks who are bariatric (oh, the sad, sad skin issues. . .the burly bumpy pannus skin, the sores, just heartbreaking). . .that alone should motivate me.  But the thing that I read today, that gave me a target, was a flight nurse job posting.  I am years (or never) away from having the qualifications to do that job, but one thing really stood out – must be able to weigh in at a duty weight of 210 lb. or less (including gear).  Now, the gear probably weighs about 15-20 lb., because a helmet is involved, boots and a flight suit.  So that would put the target at 180 lb.

After kid #1, I weighed in at about 170 lb.  Then, I came up with the great idea of using Depo-Provera for birth control, and that’s when the weight gain started.  Add in 20+ years of working behind a desk, and up to about 215 lb. I went.  After a summer of working in long-term care, I got the numbers down to a consistent 220 lb., but then nursing school kicked in, and I’ve been sliding upward steadily.

So, graduation approaches. . .I’ve begun cutting portions, and eliminating the high-calorie coffees and the soda pop.  Once I have 3-4 days a week back, it’s time to start walking while the weather is nice.  Add more greens, whole grains and lean stuff.

I know the road ahead is long, but I have much to lose!  (Pun intended.)  I’ll probably never be at 120 lb. (my build just doesn’t work like that), but if I could reach a healthier weight, my heart, lungs, circulatory system, feet and back will be much happier.

I’ll keep you updated, internets, on my progress, good or bad. . .



2 thoughts on “Time to Drop a Few. . .

    1. good luck I’m right there with ya!. I’ve lost 55 #s but gained probably 20 back.. ugh! I need to lose at least 50 more to be happy with myself. my goal is to be able to wear the cute scrubs and look good in them. I just got a cna job so maybe all that walking will help!

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