English: Medical Reserve Corps Logo
English: Medical Reserve Corps Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am so, so angry.  No way should innocent folks suffer on a day celebrating the very best in distance running (not that I indulge anymore, but I’m in favor of the general idea of exercise).  Every incident like this just provides excuses to erode our freedoms, our civil liberties.  Not OK.


Thank goodness Boston-area hospitals and medical staff helping out at the event were able to smoothly change from everyday operations to disaster triage and response mode within moments of the explosions.  Their actions certainly reduced the number of fatalities from the event.


Want to be available to help your community in the event of a disaster?  Way, way better than just showing up at the scene is to be part of an organized response.  After 9-11, efforts were made to pre-credential and organize disaster volunteers. At the federal level, the Department of Health and Human Services provides general guidance to Medical Reserve Corps units, which are generally organized by state and county.  If being available to help your fellow man is your gig, here’s a link to help you get started.


Hang in there, Boston.  If an event like this can get Yankees fans to sing “Sweet Caroline,” perhaps we can all work together to recover from this tragedy.



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