Top 10 Ways to Know You’ve Arrived as a CNA

All apologies to David Letterman. . .

10.  You write a CNA blog.

9.  You’ve worn out your first pair of Danskos.

8.  For entertainment value, you find a really epic code brown ranks above a boring code blue – in which where you are almost always next in line for compressions. . .aaaand the code gets called off. . . (not quite “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” but close).

7.  You start playing “guess the CBG value – over/under” with your nurses to spice up a shift.

6.  You stop hoping for extra shifts. . .

5.  You know how to hack the voicemail greeting recording feature on the butt wipes warmer.

4.  Your nurses never bring their iPhone charging cable because they know you have one in your pocket.

3.  You hope your 1:1 patient becomes agitated/combative so you have something to do besides stare into space and wait for 12 hours to pass.

2.  You are no longer oriented to time and date (much like a good portion of your patients and almost all of your coworkers).


1.  You rejoice at one of your nurses telling you “Hey disorderlycna, I need you, my patient just crapped the bed” – because that cleanup event is the ticket out of being sucked into your third sweatyfoleyyeastypannus (TM) bariatric patient Foley insertion event in another room.


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Know You’ve Arrived as a CNA

  1. Being a CNA is not an easy job, and it’s great that we can laugh about it. Its hard to take care of people every day but it is a very rewarding career none the less.

  2. You have a very fun blog that is entertaining to read and informative. As a nurse, I think that we often don’t take the time to say how appreciate we are for CNAs and all the hard work you do everyday. I am also really impressed and you are keeping a blog to help show others CNAs to share their awesomeness. Kudos for that.
    Have you seen these cute CNA gifts? do you think that CNAs like these and would be interested in getting them for Christmas gifts?

    1. Howdy! Thanks for reading my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts.

      The gifts are cute – I especially liked the coffee mug. A nice addition for the future would be a covered coffee mug with that CNA logo – perfect for work where you want “C” to stand for “coffee” and not “C-diff.” (Although that could be a variation on the old Folgers jingle – “The best part of waking up, is MRSA in your cup!” Ew, perhaps not!)

      I think any gesture is appreciated. For CNA week, the management of our unit gave us pins that said “CNAs – Caring is Our Calling” which I thought were sweet. Several of the CNAs are still wearing them, over a year later. So actually, I do like the idea of CNA logo items.

      The best gift any of us can receive is respect and understanding. Now that I’m an RN, I am sure to appreciate the CNAs and include them in care. I explain the rationale behind why they can’t get up (INR in the 9’s – eek!), for example, rather than just directing and leaving it at that. I always liked to learn the “why” when I was a CNA so I could use it to get better. . .I think people prefer that. Plus, many of the CNAs I work with are my former trench mates. . .perhaps that helps. (Helps me behave, that is!)

      Any rate, I’m just babbling now after 10 hours slaving away over APA format at a hot computer. Best regards, and stop by again soon!

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