Cardiac dysrhythmia EKG Venn Diagram Fun

Well, it’s official, I have no life.  I even have the T-shirt for it (actually, I was so darn strung out from lack of sleep I accidentally ordered two.  Yay!  Clean clothes!)


I have a hard time wrapping my pea brain around cardiac dysrhythmias.  I can spot the pretty pictures easily, thanks to some time served as a tele tech and Skill-Stat, but the RN-type stuff – knowing causes, interventions just doesn’t go in sometimes unless I make a picture.  

So, here are my study aids for anyone on the interwebs to enjoy!

A-Fib vs. A-FlutterImage

First Degree Heart Block vs. Third Degree Heart Block



And, just in time for Valentine’s Day – V-Fib vs. V-Tach:



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