No More Cable Bill. . .Also Known As Saving Over $100 a Month

Guess what?  When you work as a CNA and are a full-time nursing student, you don’t have very much time to watch TV. 


So unless you absolutely must have ESPN, switching to free, over-the-air broadcast television, supplemented by a couple of other goodies, will help you save a bundle while still getting your Grimm on.  (Yay for a nationally broadcast series that not only gets the whole “Keep Portland Weird” vibe but also features a leading lady who is the niece of my CNA course teacher.)


How do you still watch football, OPB (yay for muppets and McNeil-Lehrer) and other stuff without cable?  Here is my personal collection (thank you husband for the research and installation) of components you can easily install to get back some of the features you’re giving up:

1.  The Mohu Leaf antenna:  this flat little insanely amazing piece of engineering goodness installs in seconds and has amazing range.  I use the amplified version of this indoor antenna (can be powered by USB or electrical outlet), but if you live in a major metropolitan area, you can probably get away with the original or the non-amplified HD antenna.  Price tag?  $38-74 plus shipping (about $10).  Look, just buy it, OK?  This company also sells a digital-to-analog converter box if your TV is not able to receive a digital signal. 

2.  Orca Antenna:  $70 plus shipping as charged (varies).  Advantages?  Looks like it came out of Star Trek, signal strength reception independent of whether it is mounted on/adjacent to exterior wall.  Disadvantages? Some assembly required, requires electrical outlet, makes husband feel silly for buying it.  You could mount it outdoors (have fun finding the needed pole/adaptor) or in your attic.  Or, you can be like lazee me and stick it on top of a bookcase and have done with it. 

3.  Channel Master CM-7000PAL Tuner/Dual DVR:  The other half bought this one through eBay. Someday, there will be no more from this source, as this particular model is no longer manufactured.  Features an easy-to-use channel guide and DVR recording setup.  This product was manufactured for DISH network; DISH has since switched to another product, but this one works extremely well!

4.  Subscription TV service of your choice.  Netflix (about $8/month) has been around the longest.  If you’re a procrastinator, don’t bother to add DVD delivery service to your account.  You’d be better off with a quick trip to the store or McDonalds to visit Redbox or Blockbuster’s vending machines.  Hulu Plus (about $10/month) is favored by others (different offerings).  Amazon Prime ($79/year) allows pay-per-view viewing. Beyond that?  Waaaaay more expensive!

Yeah, I’m spending my savings on movies at the theater (with beer, thankyouverymuch), more beer, textbooks, and support socks. 

Happy Idiot Box watching!



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