A Sedation Alphabet

A is for Ativan and anxious

B is for benzodiazepine and barbiturate

C is for central line

D is for dopamine receptors

E is for Equanil

F is for frontal lobe

G is for glutethimide

H is for Haldol and Halcion

I is for intravenous and IJ line

J is for JCHAO

K is for Klonopin

L is for lorezepam

M is for mitts and morphine

N is for neuroleptic

O is for obtunded

P is for Propofol and Precedex and Prozac and paradoxical reaction

Q is for quiet

R is for restraints and Restoril

S is for sitter/safety companion and sedative and Security

T is for tardive dyskinesia and tricyclic antidepressant

U is for understanding

V is for Valium and Versed

W is for waking

X is for Xanax

Y is for y-site compatibility

Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzz…


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