It’s been a week, y’all. . .


Sunday:  work NOC shift

Monday:  class until 1330.  sleep.  wake up, study for test on Wednesday.  Receive call from staffing with offer of extra shift, which ironically seems only to come when I need to study for a test or have an early school day coming up.  Rats.

Tuesday:  study in AM, IV medication skill checkoff at 1230, more wishful studying until the wee hours.  Another staffing call with offer of extra shift declined (are they just teasing me????)

Wednesday:  test at 0730 (nailed it!), practice med pass (they wouldn’t let me eat the practice meds which were actually Skittles– booooooo!)

Image via Wikipedia

then 2 hours fitful sleep in back of Suburban until Supervised Skills class from 1400-1600 (let’s face it, some of us need more supervision than others).  I can now administer a PPD Mantoux test to a hotdog (oooh, the power!).  Needles are awesome.  Leave it to the Danes to invent the insulin pen.  Just like Legos, these devices are 1.  awesome and 2.  fabulously expensive!  Go home, collapse into comatose state until time to go work NOC.  Under the extensive influence of PO caffeine, chase call lights until everything settles down around 2300 or so, then go on IV-pump pruning mission (yeah, let’s hoard unused pumps in rooms).  Honestly, I felt like the Grinch, slithering behind the booms in the patient rooms, swiping unused pumps.  And I took the last can of Who-hash, too. . .

Example of ICU room with booms for mounting IV pumps and other useful devices

Thursday:  class at 0800 (mandatory clinical orientation for med-surg) – spent sleeping (I had to guess at this by looking down at the resultant drool patches on front of my scrubs.  Woke up in time to contribute brilliant (if unsolicited) commentary during 1230-1330 time management class.  Errands until 1500, then unconsciousness. . .

Friday:  Huzzah!  School cancelled for the day due to widespread flooding in the area (not neat for folks whose homes and businesses flooded, however.  More note-card usage and reading.  Made a Crock-Pot of chili con carne but unfortunately used the packet of chile de arbol (apparently a hot cousin to cayenne pepper – oh dear) instead of regular chile (Anaheim?).  Still deadly hot even after the addition of peanut butter, more canned tomatoes, more tomato sauce, 3 glasses of milk and one yogurt.

Saturday:  still to be written.  More reading.  More coffee.  Work NOC tonight and tomorrow, starting crazy-ass scheduled week all over. . .

Am I crazy? 

Imma gonna take your pumps beeyotches. . .

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