Hey, if that CNA gig doesn’t work out. . .

…perhaps you should consider working for Press Ganey.

In all seriousness, it’s nice to know that their Client Improvement Manager, Jackie Weaver, has a CNA background. 

If you haven’t considered the impact of PG scores on how acute health care is delivered, might be a good time to learn more.  Many hospitals use PG to gather statistics from patients on the perceived quality of their hospital stay/visit.  It’s interesting that many of the items measured relate to areas within nursing staff control, such as the time taken to have a call bell answered, for example.

You can download the WebEx presentation, “Improving Patient Flow: Improving Patient Satisfaction” here  (Includes a link for installing WebEx Player).

Since census drives staffing, which in turn drives the extent to which nursing staff are called off or placed on standby, it’s interesting to learn a bit about the factors that drive patient flow and thereby staffing.

The presentation takes about 47 minutes to run – just long enough to give yourself a good pedicure! (Just one great multitasking suggestion. . .)



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