Oh great, another CNA/nursing student blog. . .

I’ve become somewhat addicted to reading nursing blogs.  There are many great ones out there, and I’ve posted some links for those of you who’d like to see some of my favorite reads.

However, there’s little on the interwebs for CNAs, whether working in LTC, home care or acute care (hospitals).  A quick Googling of the terms “CNA blog” will yield sites touting vocational-school programs, but little from actual CNAs.  Wouldn’t it be great, I mused, to have a blog that would allow sharing assistant-related lore, whether mine or from commenters.

So, in the interest of:  a) giving me something to do when I can’t sleep (which is pretty often, since I work NOC shift, b) providing a writing outlet since my nursing program is pretty much multiple-choice test-oriented and c) hopefully providing a positive addition to the body of CNA-related work knowledge out there – I am launching this blog.

Frankly, I don’t have the stick-to-it-iveness to spend a year cooking all of Julia Child’s recipes , or even spending a year watching the movie made about the blogger who spent a year cooking all of Julia Child’s recipes (are you freakin’ kidding me????) so don’t expect a lot.

And, since I’m a relative newcomer to the field, I’m not going to even pretend to be an authoritative resource on all things CNA.  There are many folks who’ve worked multiple years and decades more who can speak with much more gravitas about how to take care of sick and/or aged patients/residents.  I hope some of them come here to comment!

**So, here we are, almost 2 years later.  I’m now a new grad RN, learning the hospital ropes all over again.  This blog has had almost 7,000 views, which frankly is about 6,900 more views than I thought it would ever generate.

My chief struggle as a blogger has been finding my blog identity.  A blog is like a career, in that it develops as one stumbles along blindly; some blogs never get where they are going, because a destination is never identified.  A life without focus is unfocused, a donut with no hole – is a danish.   Seriously, though, I do think I’ve found it at last – a cooking blog with just a dash of healthcare worker whimsy.  So, dear readers, bon appetit and a tu sante!


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